If you opt to leave the salon with your hair wet or damp after your GinaCurl service, you must be sure that your hair is fully dry before sleeping on it.

For the first three days (72 hours) of your GinaCurl, do not wear any head coverings, tiaras, ponytails, buns, headbands, hair ornaments, or tuck it behind your ear.

On the third day (72 hours) following your GinaCurl service, you must shampoo your hair. Do NOT shampoo your hair before three days.

Do not swim for at least two weeks after your GinaCurl service.

Due to the required aftercare, it is best not to schedule your GinaCurl immediately before any special events or special occasions.

After your first shampoo following your GinaCurl, it is important to shampoo your GinaCurl at least two times a week, lathering twice each time.

Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase, no bonnets needed.

To maintain your curls, refrain from using direct heat, such as a blow dryer or flatiron. A diffuser on low may be used to dry and style your hair. Steam hair treatments are approved and available at Salon Balisi.

The use of protein and products containing protein is NOT recommended.


Please understand that not everyone seeking a GinaCurl is a good candidate for it. The most important thing you can do to receive a successful GinaCurl service (or GinaCurl service retouch) is to be completely honest about your hair history. Let your GinaCurl stylist know anything and everything that has been done to your hair, even if YOU think it doesn't matter.  This includes styling methods, such as heat, braids, or weaves. Allow your stylist to determine what matters or not, concerning your eligibilty for the GinaCurl.

Whenever possible, please provide dates of chemical services and formulas used, if any. If you're not sure, let your stylist know so that she can make a determination.

Neither Salon Balisi nor Sharon Phelps, Owner, will be responsible for any adverse reactions or results due to omitted information by client or client's past or current stylist(s).

Client: I'm getting my GinaCurl service! What do I need to know to prepare?

Salon Balisi: Congratulations on taking a major step to enjoying low maintenance, healthy curly hair that retains length, with the GinaCurl! 

Arrive on time! Please give yourself extra time to allow for traffic and finding the salon. Detailed information on our location has been provided on the home page, and the address is provided on your appointment correspondence. Please familiarize yourself with it ahead of time.

Come to your GinaCurl appointment with clean, thoroughly detangled hair. The GinaCurl process is a lengthy one, and we want to ensure that you can be on your way to enjoying your GinaCurl as soon as possible.

Plan to spend at least 6-8 hours in the salon that day. If you have a flight to catch afterwards, please give yourself more than enough lead time to avoid missing your flight.

Bring a t-shirt to change into. There is plenty of rinsing involved the day of your service, and despite our best efforts, your top might get wet. This is a chemical process, so wear a disposable mask and bring an extra one to change into.

Bring a lunch or be prepared to order food.

You will be under the dryer for two-three hours on average, depending on the length and thickness of your hair, as well as the rod sizes used.

There is a $50 upcharge for blue and smaller rods.