If you have any questions about the GinaCurl services or information presented on this site, please review our Frequently Asked Questions below. Remember, your satisfaction is our priority, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns that are not answered here.


Q. Can a GinaCurl be done if I have had a Wave Nouveau? Yes.

Q. I have a texturizer/relaxer. Can I get a GinaCurl? No, because the chemicals used are incompatible. You will need to grow out or cut off your texturized/relaxed hair before you can get a GinaCurl.

Q. How long does my hair need to be in order to get a GinaCurl? At least three inches.

Q. Can I flatiron my GinaCurl from time to time? Not if you wish to maintain the curls. Direct heat can permanently damage the curl.

Q. What is a GinaCurl Straight Variation? The GinaCurl Straight Variation is for clients who wish to transition out of relaxers, have permanently straight hair without using a relaxer, or for those who may want to transition to a GinaCurl curly perm. This last option is particularly helpful for children who may be too young to sit for the duration of a GinaCurl service, but whose parents would like to make it easier for child and parent to manage the child's hair.



Q: Is the GinaCurl a chemical service?

A: Yes, the GinaCurl is a chemical service.


Q: Can a GinaCurl be done on relaxed hair?

A: No. However, a GinaCurl Straight Variation may be applied to new growth only to assist in transitioning out of a relaxer. This also allows a transition into a GinaCurl. 


Q: Can I blowdry and/or flatiron my GinaCurl?

A: No direct heat is to be used on a GinaCurl or the curls might become damaged. You may rollerset or wrap your GinaCurl hair for a smoother, straighter look.


Q: How often should a GinaCurl be re-touched?

A: GinaCurl retouches should be done every six months.


Q: When can I color my hair with a GinaCurl?

A. You may color your hair two weeks after your GinaCurl. It is not advised to use any developer higher than 20 volume.


Q: Can a GinaCurl be done on children?

A: GinaCurl is a great option for children, especially those who are tender-headed. The child must be able to sit through the length of the service, which typically takes 6-8 hours. The GinaCurl Straight Variation typically takes 3-4 hours and may be a better option for younger children.


Q: I have a Wave Nouveau. Can I get a GinaCurl?

A: Absolutely! You will need at least three inches of new growth.


Q: I would like to book a GinaCurl? What do I need to do?

A: Book a GinaCurl consultation from the booking icon on the home page of this website. All consultations are $25 and are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Please use the Notes/Memo feature during booking to advise if you're requesting a virtual or an in-person consultation. Once your booking is received, the consultation forms will be emailed to you. Once you return your completed forms and photos (online only) you will be advised of your eligibility and price quote, if applicable. Please do not book a GinaCurl service without first obtaining a proper consultation and price quote. Once you have been given a price quote, you may book your GinaCurl appointment via online booking, same as your consultation. The booking will not be completed without collecting your deposit of $250. This guarantees your appointment date and time. Your remaining balance will be due the day of your appointment. All submissions and requests for GinaCurl must be made via email and not text or social media.