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We offer Hair Cutting & Styling, Hair Coloring and more! Your experienced stylist will help you determine the best services for your needs and deliver the kind of quality and value you expect from a professional hair salon. Our location is designed to make your experience enjoyable and leave you feeling wonderful! Check out our complete service menu (through book now! icon on home page) for a complete list of available services. If there is a particular service you are seeking that is not listed, please reach out. The highest quality products, tools and techniques are used to deliver the best service and support your hair needs.



Coloring and highlighting using the best professional products.


Designed for all hair types to reduce frizz and curl reversion, all while strengthening hair from the inside.


For sleek hair with great manageability




De-tangling service

Gina Curl

GinaCurl and Straight Variation

GinaCurl Starting Price: $550/non-refundable deposit: $250

Straight Variation Starting Price: $350/non-refundable deposit : $175

Gina Curl to Straight Variation Starting Price: $450/non-refundable deposit: $200

PLEASE READ THIS INFORMATION IN ITS ENTIRETY PRIOR TO BOOKING A GINACURL: This is a curl reformer service for permanent curls. All GinaCurl services REQUIRE a consultation PRIOR to booking. This applies to retouches if it will be my first time providing your retouch. Consultations are done via video call, during which your hair is assessed. Once a satisfactory consultation is complete and client is determined to be eligible for this service, a personalized  price quote will be provided and followed up in writing. Your price quote is valid for 90 days.  After 90 days, an updated consultation will be required to receive an updated price quote.  A non-refundable $175 - $250 deposit is required to book GinaCurl services and guarantee your appointment. Starting price for the GinaCurl is $550 for 3 inches of hair. Your first retouch will be honored at the same price as your virgin GinaCurl service, provided it takes place in 6 months of your first GinaCurl service. Please be advised that retouches actually take longer than a virgin GinaCurl service.

Waitlist: you are welcome to add yourself to the waitlist only if you have already booked your service, which should be only after you have received a price quote.

Due to the extra time and detail required, there is a $50 additional charge for blue rods and smaller. This up-charge does NOT apply to hair that is chin length or shorter.

Please arrive on time to your appointment with clean, de-tangled hair that is free of heavy oils, creams, pomades, waxes and gels. You should arrive with your detangled hair arranged in 2-4 braids or twists. Hair left loose will re-tangle. Any extra de-tangling required will incur additional fee, based on the additional time required. Please allow a minimum of six hours for GinaCurl services. This service is very time and labor-intensive and cannot be rushed. Consider this when making travel and other arrangements.

Please make sure you have the correct address for Salon Balisi. The current address is on your confirmation/reminder.  Please do not rely on Google for our current address. We are located behind the Tidal Wave car wash and INSIDE the My Salon Suite building. There is no Salon Balisi signage outside the building. Do not turn right at the Wendy's or you will be driving away from our location. When you arrive, you will need to use the intercom inside the lobby to be buzzed in. A directory is available in the lobby for your convenience. Please allow extra travel time to avoid arriving late to your appointment. There is a a $50 late fee for GinaCurl branded services, due to the length of time these services take. 

By booking any service with a non-refundable deposit, you acknowledge that there will be no refunds for any reason. No deposit may be re-purposed for other services or goods. You must follow all Salon Balisi booking instructions set forth for services and accurately verify your available dates and times prior to booking.

Service Policy

Salon Etiquette
At Salon Balisi, time is highly valued, as it is the basis of great service. Please view the following information to help ensure that your salon time is enjoyable, comfortable and efficient.


Mobile devices: While in service, please refrain from the use of mobile devices, as they compromise client's posture and the comfort of your stylist, which lead to loss of time.

Thank you in advance for respecting the privacy and time of other guests. Our waiting area is reserved for guests waiting to be serviced. If you arrive more than five minutes early, please let me know. I might be able to see you before your appointment time. For the convenience and courtesy of all, please avoid bringing or inviting any guests to your appointment.  The Salon Balisi environment is one of relaxation, efficiency and service. For the sake of safety and comfort, we do not encourage children without appointments in the salon.

Proper hair preparation and care is one of the hallmarks of Salon Balisi. It could mean the difference between healthy hair and broken, damaged hair. Proper hair preparation is never rushed. This includes shampoo, condition, rinsing, comb out, de-tangling and/or blowouts. Up to 30 minutes of your service time is dedicated to hair prep. This is even more important for chemical services, which require additional time to ensure proper rinsing and neutralizing.

For most services, hair should be free of braids, twists, weaves and tangles prior to appointment. If you don't feel comfortable de-tangling your own hair ahead of time, de-tangling services are available for an additional charge. Since unprepared hair will require additional time, please let your stylist know your needs in advance.

We offer the courtesy of an instant confirmation email, as well as  a reminder email AND a reminder text 24-48 hours in advance of your appointment. If by any chance you do not receive either, please call, text or email to ensure that your appointment has been received. Please check your confirmations and reminders for errors, as well as make note of the appointment details you booked to ensure arrival at the proper time on the proper date. Late arrivals are subject to additional fees.  If you do arrive late, please understand that your service must end on time in order to avoid delaying the next guest. A late arrival could result in a lesser service, rescheduling, and/or late charges. Your Salon Balisi stylist consistently makes every effort to be prompt for your appointment, and appreciates the same courtesy. This scheduling timeframe is designed to allow sufficient time to complete your service. Clients typically cannot be "squeezed in."  If you are running late for your appointment, the courtesy of a phone call or text is very much appreciated. However, please be aware that doing so does not excuse your tardiness. All appointments are guaranteed and this benefit only works with the cooperation of all clients. Please allow sufficient time to arrive promptly for your appointment, taking traffic into consideration. 

Due to Salon Balisi’s one-on-one structure, appointments not canceled outside of 24 hours will be subject to a charge of 50% of the service booked.  No shows will be charged 100% of service booked.

All deposits are non-refundable.

These policies are in place to help ensure proper respect for your Salon Balisi stylist's time, livelihood and clients. Thank you for understanding.

Posted prices and policies are subject to change without notice.

Some services require a non-refundable deposit. Please read booking requirements carefully.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Sharon at 404-457-2509 or sharon@salonbalisi.com.