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Okay, My Gina Curls are the BOMB and because I was new to this whole process Sharon answered ALL of my questions and I had A LOT. She was patient, respectful and and professional. I love my experience with Sharon. She is extremely knowledgeable! I say book your Gina Curl session with her TODAY! Like Right now! I Really love curls :-)  Sacha G


I flew from Orlando for Sharon to do my Gina Curl retouch. It had been 18 months since my first one and I was nervous about the outcome. She took her time and treated my hair gently. It turned out beautifully. I was a bit unhappy with my first Gina Curl done in CT. But I loved my retouch by Sharon. She varied the roller sizes and used smaller rods to crown my face, which I love. My curls were perfect - light and bouncy. Sharon is a Master Stylist with gifted hands. Will return for sure!! Tracy K


Very professional, and so sweet! I got by first Gina curl by Sharon and it looks amazing: Beautiful results! Will be coming back for my touch ups. Jordan V. 


This was a great experience all around! My son's hair came out perfect...exactly like he wanted it. His curls look amazing! Additionally, we received excellent customer service and the salon was in a very nice location. Sharon was professional and very sweet..she did a great job at explaining the after care and followed up with us which was very helpful. GA is now our second home and we will be coming back often! Cedricka H